Bearing Tech Inc is locally owned and operated and has been providing honest and reliable service to Newberg, Oregon as well as the surrounding areas for over 15 years!

Bearing Tech Inc specializes in high performance ceramic bearings for racing application

We build custom ceramic bearings for motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Karts Quarter midgets, Sprint cars, and Legend cars just to name a few.
Applications include: wheels, hubs, axles, bird cages, crankshafts, clutches, transmissions and engines - 2 and 4 stroke

Our bearings are assembled in our shop in the USA, using only high quality parts. We do not use or sell any Chinese bearings or parts.  If we cant guarantee it we won't sell it.

If you don't see your bearing here please call, we stock thousands of bearings not pictured.

Bearing Repair and Rebuilding